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Hi all, just found this site, very useful and informative. Newbie to plotting (started in  March) sharing a large plot with established allotment member which has been great and a total education. Love it so much that Ive taken on an extra small plot for myself with view to start growing next year.

Wondered if anyone had some suggestions on layouts for the ideal plot?
Im aware of the need for the following but any additional suggestions would be great
Shed,Greenhouse, Waterbutts, do most actually use compost bins and are they worth taking up the space?coldframe, perreniels and fruit bushes around the edges, 4 main beds for rotation, herb bed. Just want to get cracking with a layout so want to get it right from the off.

Also very interested in  trying 'squarefootgardening' - check

A few sneer at new techniques but be interesting to see if it works well as its claimed to be quite revolutionary

Soz fir the long message

Think compost bin is essential!  You will probably never make enough to do away with bags of compost but it is so fantastic to do and use that you must have at least one bin.  I have 2 and get kitchen scraps from friend to help fill it.   I have shed, mini greenhouse and compost bins, poo and stuff together at one end.

Yup you definitely want compost bins, I'd say at least 2 but 3 or 4 is better. 1 to add to, 1 to rot & 1 to use. They don't have to be permanent, you can move them around and grow on the enriched ground where they were. Start it off early -a lot of the stuff you clear can go in there.

Beyond that I'd say go for a bed system -less annual digging, easier to rotate &c. and the more the merrier, don't know how big your plot is but I've about 8 12' x 4.5' beds. Narrow enough to reach to the middle, not to long to walk round.

You might consider a comfrey bed -makes a great fertiliser, so I've read, won't know 'til next year.


i echo derbex's thoughts. i have two dalek compost bins which will be in a different place next year. i can move them to fit into my rotation plan ;)

i also use the bed system - when i took over the plot the whole area was 'growing area' but i didnt like treading on the soil, so divided the area into beds, with carpet paths watering and planting from the edges is dead easy.

there are lots of good ideas in the squarefoot garding theory - even if you dont go for the actual square foot regimented bit ;) many space saving tips to be had.

herbs can be planted anywhere between your other plants - so unless it's a perennial herb (in which case it goes in the perennial border) i pop my herbs between plants. dill likes cabbage, basil likes toms (or the other way round) - read up on companion planting and use your head ;) as some combinations seem pretty impractical.

cant help with the shed and greenhouse/coldframe bit - i dont have those. i only have a small toolshed which for me is sufficient (but then i live very close to the allotment site)


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