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Hi Gang,

I was wandering around the garden centre of my local Homebase today, when I noticed that they had reduced the prices of their tanilised decking timber, by 50%!  Not being one for decking, I quickly thought that it might come in handy for the two raised beds I have been promising myself. 

The main decking planks are 6' x 4 1/2" x 3/4", and with the Arris rail they also have on offer, (right-angled triangle in section), I can make a structure two planks high (9"), to make my beds up.

I reckon I can knock out a 4' x 4' x 9" bed for less than £20, plus the price of a few decking screws.

Guess what I'm doing this weekend . . .

Jimbo in Splott

Thanks for the tip - will go there tomorrow.

I am actually looking for posts to create a large cage to keep the black birds and pigeons away from things like cabages and fruit.


Hi RW,

The Homebase near me has "Arris rail", triangular tanilised timber, about 2" x 2" x 3", for two quid per 6' length.  That might be useful for upright members (although jointing could be cumbersome).  Going to make me a leaf-cage / compost bin out of that and some chicken-wire.

Happy hunting!

Jimbo in Splott

any pictures of how your going to do this would be great, i'm useless and have an equally useless OH. (but anything to do with computers ::))

Excellent Jimbo, our allotments tend to ask around the back of the B&Q stores, they often have damaged materials that can be taken away if you are discrete ...

The guys there get rewarded with a few veg every now and again ...

Derekthefox :D


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