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Yesterday at 13:58:45 by Beersmith | Views: 66 | Comments: 5

 At the weekend we went to the Brogdale national Apple day event, near Faversham in Kent. An excellent day out and well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area during mid October when the event is held each year. Plenty to see and do.  Talks on scientific research into growing apples in a warming climate, preserving genetic diversity, grafting, rootstocks, beekeeping, cookery demonstrations and more. Guided tours of the orchards by tractor and on foot, where they look after more than 2000 different varieties of apple.  Mini steam train for the kids. Good choice of things to eat and plenty of apples for sale including many many types not in the supermarkets.

Even squeezed in a tour of the Shepherd Name brewery with tasting session while in the area. Recommended to anyone with an interest in apples generally.
October 16, 2018, 21:27:30 by newspud9 | Views: 97 | Comments: 2

Last week I posted about the on-going difficulty (despite feeding generous amounts of organic material) in achieving decent soil structure in parts of my plot - particularly not helped by the temperature extremes this year.  Other beds fared better and in getting those cleared this week and ready for next season, the soil seems as good as it's been all year.  So maybe this post is as much an observation as a question..but I thought it ironic that just at the moment when I'm putting much of the plot to bed, the soil appears to be at it's most willing to accept planting.  I'm sure it's me and not Nature, but it just seemed a bit arse-backwards?!
October 16, 2018, 19:02:35 by gray1720 | Views: 53 | Comments: 1

Sheer weight of fruit has broken the top out of my two-year old medlar - see the attached pic. How far back should I be pruning it, please? I'm assuming as they tend to bush it'll be fine.

Over 50 medlars from a tree four feet high - no wonder the poor thing cracked! Destined for medlar jelly as uncooked they go straight through me and the missus - castor oil has nothing on them, eye of a needle stuff for four days!

Every time I look at the things I think of cats going away from me...


October 15, 2018, 18:10:55 by caroline7758
Views: 124 | Comments: 4

Maybe a daft question. After moving to our new house I'm realising that the garden is much more shady than I had thought. Although the back of the house faces south, the garden is shaded by the house at the bottom of the garden and is completely in shade by 5.00 now. So my question is, can I get an idea of how much higher the sun will be in the summer and therefore how much sun the garden will get then, so I can plan my planting, seating etc.


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