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topic Armchair Allotmenteering
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Duke Ellington
Today at 20:42:58
topic Dulcie and apples
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Today at 19:00:39
topic sweetcorn
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Today at 18:03:09
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Today at 17:38:51
topic Selling up.
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Today at 12:40:21
Today at 18:03:09 by ACE
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We went and entertained at the sweetcorn fair today, they grow acres and acres of the stuff down here, they even call one place the valley of the green giant. I had to eat some, well it would have been rude not to. The cobs were freshly pulled from the stalks and cooked but they didn't come anyway near the tasty ones I grew myself. The stuff at the fair was a  commercial crop grown for shape, size and uniformity, but not for taste, alright mine were bald at the top on some and all shapes and sizes but even frozen they still taste good.
Today at 12:33:52 by caroline7758
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i've just made yet more raspberry jam and it ook much longer to set then usual. I'm wondering if this is because i made double the quantity I usually make, or do rasps get less pectin as the season goes on?
Today at 04:27:22 by sunloving
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Hello all, I love hollyhocks but every year they look terrible with the rust. I strip and burn infected leaves but was wondering if anyone has actually successfully reversed rust once they have it. My seedlings also have rust and so I'm wondering if it's better to chuck them. Is it copper sulphate that is recommended? Does this actually work?  Hope someone has had success , x sunloving
Yesterday at 18:15:21 by DrJohnH | Views: 136 | Comments: 2

Recently, I have been reading a book called "Plot 34" by Mark Keenan.

It's an amusing account of ups and downs of a first plot with some side stories/factoids thrown in for good measure.  What other allotment related books/films/TV series have you enjoyed?


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