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Yesterday at 11:13:16 by johhnyco15
Views: 63 | Comments: 3

had a fall over the weekend dam arthritis and the result is a broken ankle   ive so  much planting out to do courgettes runner beans sweetcorn cucumbers  squash tomatoes all in the greenhouse and this week is my planting week and awaiting appointment with the fracture clinic i hope it will be less than 6 weeks with this dam air boot thingy  i think it will be a black sack over the boot and have to lay down to plant the 400 plants that have to go in the joys of getting old
Yesterday at 06:27:05 by woodypecks
Views: 46 | Comments: 0

While browsing our lovely allotments4all I came across this sweet little poem - posted in 2013 by then Newbie Turnip Ted .
I'm the turnip grower,
The carrot thrower,
I'm the compost knower,
I'm the big marrow shower,
I'm the dry leaf blower,
I'm the earth doctor,
Dropping seeds from the helicopter,
I'm the green veg keeper,
I'm the onion seed sweeper,
I plant the spuds deeper,
I'm the autumn talisman,
The giant cabbage fan,
I'm the one who tells the sunflowers they can,
I get the weeds to leave,
I get the runnerbeans to weave,
I'm in your flower bed,
I've got daisies round my head,
I'm Turnip Ted.

 Turnip Ted

Made me smile, thought I,d share it again !   :sunny: :wave:     Debbie :)
April 24, 2019, 20:02:37 by cambourne7
Views: 77 | Comments: 2

Hi All,

I need some huge help, i planted garlic and shallots before christmas and there romping away. Picked up another pack of garlic about 6 weeks ago as they were cheap and expecting quite a lot to fail but no i have a huge tray of garlic now.

Then both nets of onions again no failures unlike last year when the birds and weather conspired against me.

So i had been planting in rotation across my 4 raised beds but i have no more spaces for onion in the correct places. All the beds have had a top dressing of 1-2 inches of soil and onions planted last year have carrots in this for this year.

I dont think putting the excess onions into the greenhouse will work as the heat will make the bolt.

So the question for you, oh experts is should i abandon my crop rotation plan and just fit them in where i can for now ? Crops still to plant are salads, cabbages, beatroot and stir fry greens so maybe althernative rows??

April 24, 2019, 13:02:28 by plotstoeat
Views: 74 | Comments: 4

My wife's pride and joy hydrangeas have been caught by frost. She is wondering wether to cut them right back. Any experts out there?


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