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October 21, 2020, 07:31:02 by pumpkinlover
Views: 310 | Comments: 3

 Every chicken we have had loves mixed corn and also the over ripe sweetcorn from the plot. We have two chickens now who jump up into the corn bin with excitement when I move towards it.

The present two haven't had sweetcorn of the cob until a couple of days ago, so I parted the outer green bit so they could see that it is corn.
Next day, still not touched the corn so Mr PKL removed all the green part exposing what looks very much like the corn they are used to.
Next day, still not touched the corn, so I break some corn pieces off and go and do some work on the garden. A few hours later the bits of corn are still there.  I resort to putting the corn in front of the chickens and hand feeding them. Hopefully they have now picked the rest and  when I go today they will have worked out that the little yellow pieces of corn that they like are the same as the corn on the cob!
Update later!
October 19, 2020, 19:09:46 by ACE
Views: 499 | Comments: 12

Once the allotment has been put to bed for the winter apart from looking after a few brassicas and general tidying I am left with quite a bit of time on my hands. In a former life I would have a saunter to the pub and have a couple or three pints and a  natter. Now because of the pandemic I am at home a lot more. A chance for new hobby I thought, Bagpipes perhaps but I don't think the neighbours would be best pleased, I don't like woodwork and I am useless at art. Rummaging around in the yetis spare room I found some balls of wool. Knitting, worth a try, we used to do it many moons ago when I was sailing the seven seas. Got some online lessons and away I went. After a couple of  hours of  hair tearing, choice words and muddled eyes I had knitted a coloured cobweb, which was supposed to be a scarf. Sod the neighbours, it looks like the tartan octopus is coming out to play.
Tee Gee
October 16, 2020, 13:51:41 by Tee Gee
Views: 675 | Comments: 12

To pass the time during 'Lockdown' I have been messing around with my photo collection.

Firstly I took all the prints I have taken over the years out of the various boxes I had stored them in and scanned them so that I can store them on my computer.

Its amazing how many photos I have,  more so since the advent of the 'Digital Camera'

Would you believe it I have catalogued around 29k of them ?

This is where you guys come in: I would like you to come up with suggestions on which way you think I should go.

My first thought is to collate all the photos of my Grandchildren and put them on a 'Flash Drive' and give them one apiece so that they can look back on themselves since the day they were born. (At least they wouldn't have to store them in biscuit boxes like I do)

I am also thinking about turning these prints & digital photos into videos.

Yesterday I practised on some digital photos I have taken on walks I often take.

(For those that do not know  I live in the countryside that "Last of the Summer Wine" was filmed in, so I thought I would try out my conversion skills on a few of these!)

Take a look and feel free to give warts and all feedback:

I see this task as a good way to keep the 'grey matter' between my ears fluid during the isolation of 'lockdown' and the forthcoming winter!

 I look forward to your comments! Tg

October 16, 2020, 06:24:37 by ACE
Views: 726 | Comments: 13

I am still in tier 10, avoiding everything that we were told when the virus hit. We are supposed to be one of the safest in the country but that might change any day now. All the old Saganauts are still coming down on their coaches for the cheap out of season holidays, mostly from high risk areas. I expect the hotel staff will get it but it  should not affect me. I still do not go to the pub, use public transport , shop only when necessary and keep two metres from every silent assassin. My favourite pastime of playing my squeezebox in a pub session is not allowed but I would not do it even if it was. I cannot see this thing ending for a long long time. Not much to look forwards to is it. 


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