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Today at 08:42:39
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Today at 07:49:28
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Yesterday at 19:41:22
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May 25, 2020, 20:47:43
Tiny Clanger
Yesterday at 08:47:54 by Tiny Clanger
Views: 163 | Comments: 8

It looks like white rot has infected my garlic patch. I dug up a couple as tgey were looking stunted and the bulbs were sqishy and white fungs growing.  The rest look like some of the outer leaves are starting to turn but look sturdy. The couple of elephant garlic I planted have put up scapes (which we ate yesterday!).

Question. Should I pull the rest of the garlic and either use or freeze if it looks OK or persevere and hope?  If I pull the garlic, would it be OK to add manure and plant some squashes/courgette?
May 25, 2020, 21:05:38 by Jeannine
Views: 202 | Comments: 3

Most of you know I am lovingly babysittig 1 lone potato in a pot hoping to get some seed for next year, a variety I can't get here.

So, it is Charlotte and I am told they don't keep well, so a lot is riding on  my one and only.

I thought when I harvest the pot, maybe I should let a couple cure and plant them again, their pots could live in the greenhouse once it starts to get cooler..sort of how we do Christmas spuds with earlies, but Charlotte's are second earlies What I want to know is..what is the best way to store them, either the first or second harvest. I must have done it before as I did grow them for a few years, but I think I just left them in the fridge drawer, I remember some didn't make it right through but enough did. This time I will not have many to paly with so need to be careful.

I have had a little firkle and they are there.

Usually I would use them once they had flowered but with my one and only pot I am leaving them as long as I can.The flowers ae there but just thinking of dropping.

We had moved some beautiful soil from my raised  beds in my garden as I was scrapping them, and used it ot fill my new cedar beds in the greenhouse, it was made from top soil peat etc etc, just like potting soil so is lovely and everything in there is doing very well. We found the one and only in the soil when it was moved,however since then there has been a few volunteers show up, they may or not be Charlottes . I knew the first one was as I was there when my SIL found the spud..but after that the soil was all mixed up and he can't remembner what came from where. Whatever they are they are growing very well in the greenhouse though LOL

So best way to keep my special plants babies till next year ???

All help gratefuly received.
Deb P
May 25, 2020, 19:15:17 by Deb P
Views: 153 | Comments: 2

....has anyone had any experience growing these please?
I usually grow Minibel or Trailing Tom tomatoes for containers, but ran out of seeds so purchased these as it was all the store had at the time. The plants Iíve grown seen very tall, no evidence of compact or trailing habit so this correct or have I got the wrong seed?!🙄🥴
May 25, 2020, 11:51:11 by davholla | Views: 184 | Comments: 0

In the past raspberries I have planted in the winter in the allotment I have died.  I have planted some this spring and they are still alive.
However I have space for some more and Wilko's has cascade raspberries?  Has anyone grown these and will they need protection from the birds?


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